Holidaying in the UK is the new going abroad!

So Chilcott's Barn is the number one choice!

More and more people are choosing to take a staycation over travelling abroad and there’s a lot to be said for opting to stay in the UK.  Chilcott's Barn couldn't be any more perfect in this case!

For a start, it’s less stressful, especially if you are holidaying with children.  There’s no need to worry about exchanging currency, flights, passports, airport delays or airport parking.  There are no packing restrictions or getting up at an ungodly hour to catch a flight and worrying about missing it.  There’s no language barrier and no jetlag.


Instead, you can just load up the car and go.  Take your time, arrive when you want and explore Britain.  We have beautiful, award-winning beaches, country pubs, fantastic walks, family-friendly attractions and great food.  Enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty of our coastlines, the ancient towns and villages steeped in history, the quirky tearooms and diverse eateries.  Make the most of fresh local produce and arts and crafts from the local farm shops and farmers’ markets.  Take a picnic and spend the day soaking up the scenery, stop for a drink at an old country pub and relax, take your time to enjoy the surroundings.


The accommodation you book can make or break a trip.  Chilcott’s Barn is in one the of the most beautiful places in Britain.  Our self-catering holiday barn is both stunning and luxurious.  The hot tub is just  perfect for families,  groups of friends or just you and that special person.


You don’t have to leave the UK to have a fantastic, unforgettable holiday!