Cornwall and Devon have absolutely NOTHING on Somerset!!

Nor do we say 'OO AAR'!


THIS is the beautiful view from Chilcott's Barn

WE think Somerset is hands down the best county in the country to live. While it has rolling hills and endless moors, with tens of country estates to boot, it has some of the prettiest beaches too.

But Devon and Cornwall have the same? Although these counties also have Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty, I’m sorry but none of them can beat Somerset.

We’re better than Devon and Cornwall

Devon and Cornwall are frequently visited by tourists, or ‘grockles’ as we call them, making popular towns over-run in the summer months. And the road systems, or distinct lack of established roads with white lines in the middle and not grass, lend themselves to the fact that Devon and Cornwall are, arguably, that bit too far away to really bother with.  Plus, they’re so mainstream.  Everyone goes to Cornwall for their summer getaway and those who can’t afford Cornwall settle for Devon.  But what about Somerset?  It’s way nicer and also a little more off the beaten track.  Check out our availability..Chilcott's Barn is in the heart of this beautiful county.  We love it and just know you will too!