Chilcott's Chocolate Chocolatey Cake!

THE most amazingly gooey chocolate chocolately cake - Chilcott's style!

This Chilcott's chocolate cake has got to be the ultimate, the king, the BEST!  The recipe has been passed down through 4 generations of my family.. and feeling totally selfless, I'm going to share it with you!..The perfect partner with a cup of tea, on the terrace, soaking up the stunning views the barn has to offer...what could be more perfect! In the picture I’ve made the mixture into muffin style cupcakes.. SO versatile!


10oz self raising flour

12oz caster sugar

12oz butter

2 tsp baking powder

2oz cocoa

6 eggs

3 tbs milk


Literally, put everthing together in a bowl and mix it together until smooth.  Place in 2 9" tins and put in the: Aga - bottom of the top oven..Gas mark 5..Fan oven 165C...

FILLING (the amazing gooey buttercream one!)

7oz butter

5oz cocoa powder

22oz icing sugar

5fl oz milk

2 tsp vanilla essence

Again, literally whizz it all together untill smooth.  Assemble it.  I like to pipe the buttercream for added effect and indulgence! (although it tastes exactly the same!)