Celebrity Somerset!

We have so many celebrities associated with our beloved Somerset..(By the way, here is yet ANOTHER dreamy view from Chilcott's Barn!

Pretty big celebs grew up in Somerset

Game of Thrones has a HUGE place in our hearts, and its very own Arya Stark, the actress Maisie Williams, grew up here. Not to mention Mary Berry, Jenson Button, Russell Howard, JACQUELINE WILSON…Need I go on?

Your favourite movie was filmed here

Hot Fuzz was everyone’s favourite film back in the day, and it’s everyone’s favourite claim to fame in Somerset (we don’t get many other opportunities, do we? NARP). And many director’s have followed suit with Les Miserables and Elizabeth, The Golden Age being filmed here too.

We have Wells, the smallest city in England

This little beauty has only 12,000 inhabitants and almost as many coffee shops. Its picturesque streets, Cathedral and Bishop’s Palace with moat attract tourists from all over. Many even come on pilgrimage to the 13th century Cathedral that gives Wells its city status. Most of us go for the year six carol service and a nosy of the markets.

Cheddar – the cheese came after the place

Our  little village of Pitminster is situated only 4 miles from the county town of Somerset, Taunton,  33 miles from Wells, 40 minutes from Bristol and, most importantly, only 29 minutes away from Cheddar. Your favourite and go to cheese was made in the caves of Cheddar Gorge, just down the road from us.

We have Glastonbury Festival

We know you’re all really jealous of this gem. People go to great lengths to get tickets all around the world, and we go even further. Despite living only 50 minutes away from Glastonbury, to ensure tickets we’ve been known to travel to Edinburgh to get the bus down to where we live. Seven hours is no big deal, but Glastonbury Festival is a massive deal. With countless celebrities visiting every year, Somerset has been placed firmly on the map.


If Hillary Clinton had beaten Donald Trump in the 2016 US election, Somerset would have had a connection to the White House.

An expert recently on the BBC's One Show told Mrs Clinton, while looking at a timeline of her ancestors: "We go back 402 years, back to 1615, when your first ancestor I can find at the moment was Ambrose Parkhouse."

Parkhouse was born in the UK's best county - Somerset!

Ambrose died in 1722 in Somerset, after wife Jone who passed away in PITMINSTER, also in Somerset, in 1699.

Judging by the snapshot of Hillary Clinton's family tree shown on the One Show, the next few generations also lived and died in Somerset.


Well we think she should make a trip to Somerset to discover her original roots, too.


So while we’re sure where you live is, in your opinion, pretty great, Somerset is hands down the best place to live. And although you may have never heard of Pitminster (yet!), our small home village of 956 people (in the Parish) gives you a real taste of country living.

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